Seattle Video and Multimedia Production

Twisted Scholar is a Seattle based multimedia and video production group that creates smart, vibrant content for both public and private agencies. Specializing in educational and informational productions, we employ talented people and the latest technology to craft compelling stories. And we do it with the assured, flannel-wearing confidence you would expect from a Seattle group.

But, it doesn’t matter where you are. Whether you’re on Madison Avenue (in Seattle) or Madison Avenue (in Chicago) or Madison Avenue (Bainbridge Island), our award-winning staff is determined to exceed your expectations, on-time and on-budget. And we’re darned easy to get along with.

So grab a double, tall, non-fat, half-sweet, caramel latte, take a stroll through the Twisted Scholar e-corridors, and let us know when we can collaborate on the next project with you.

Twisted Scholar has been the best and most flexible team of video producers I have ever worked with … Our entire team of design and graphics specialists find their work to be amongst the best in the industry.


Corporate Director of Training Noble House Hotels & Resorts

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