If a picture is worth a thousand words, then, according to our abacus, at 24 frames per second (FPS), a physics-defying 60-second aerial video is worth 1,440,000 words.

Aerial videography – all the cool kids are doing it, but are they doing it right, safely, and getting the best shots?

Aerial video captured by Twisted Scholar has almost limitless appeal. It can show the wildlife populations on your expansive dude ranch; preview the views from your latest high-rise condo development; or bring added production value to even the most pedestrian production.

Our professionally trained and certified UAV pilots operate high-end, Hollywood-type drones. These are not toys. And while the pilot hovers, swoops and veers, our cameraman captures high-end HD (or even 4K) live video footage from a gyro-stabilized gimbal. You’ll gape at the smooth video footage, and with GPS navigation, you can rest assured that we won’t have to stop and ask for directions on our flyovers.

It takes an average person 160 hours to speak 1,440,000 words. We can do it for you in 60 seconds. It’s economical. It’s efficient. It’s rad.

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