Our Work

Our experience working on a vast range of projects, across a broad gamut of industries – in both video, audio and web – leaves us well qualified to deliver content that will inspire, motivate and, well, make your toes curl. We have worked on promotional, marketing, training/instructional and educational videos in fields ranging from healthcare to outdoor sports, elementary education to high tech research.

We offer a spectrum of capabilities, including: award-winning script writing, stunning videography, catchy motion graphics, high-end audio production, and web development.

Why not just do this yourself? You probably know several people who possess video skills. Everyone does. Your cousin or your friend’s cousin will gladly shoot some video for you, and we expect, do an admirable job. And although the field of video has been democratized by digital tools, there is still a need for the full-time multimedia professional.

Take audio, for example. Not to give away our secrets, but audio is where most amateur videographers end up revealing their amateurishness. Studies show that an audience will tolerate poor video with good audio, but good video with poor audio is unequivocally, irrevocably, inexorably unacceptable.

The team at Twisted Scholar has the state of the art equipment and experience necessary to deliver the highest quality visual images. But we devote ourselves to the sound as well, whether it be recording interview clips, voice-overs or ambient sound, and we’ll sweeten the sound so much you might think the smooth, luscious, dulcet tones in your video belong to Emmylou Harris.

Impressive, right? Oh, but there’s more. Twisted Scholar adds a tactile component to our productions. That’s right, our productions will give you goose bumps. See…Hear…Feel. That’s how we roll.

This team of experts working together has over 90 years of experience to draw on.

See if your cousin Phil can match that! (And if he can, what’s his number?)

Training (Instructional) Videos

Instructional videos teach viewers how to achieve a goal and are de rigueur in science labs, HR departments, seminars and brick and mortar classrooms. Videos supplement and often replace live presentations because they are economical, reusable and more dynamic than even the most talented speakers. Our master teachers design content that is clear, concise, easily grasped and optimized for retention, while our technical team adds gripping motion graphics, animated charts and graphs, sharp audio and pristine video.

Informational (Educational) Videos

The purpose of educational videos is to impart knowledge. Our productions start with clear, measurable objectives followed by copious and detailed research. Twisted Scholar’s award-winning writers then compose compelling scripts that incorporate a variety of techniques to set pace, heed attention spans and maximize audience engagement. We’ll use elements such as narrated slides, talking heads and animated graphics to reinforce, highlight and elaborate content, all of which is designed for your specific target audience.

Corporate Videos

No matter the purpose of your corporate video, we’ll tell an interesting, inspired story that makes an emotional connection with the viewer. Exciting visual effects as well as charming speakers and articulate narration accompanies thorough research. For your marketing videos we’ll deliver a storyline that promotes your brand while also solving a specific business problem; or we’ll produce a case study that’s a visceral experience and which transcends facts and figures; or we’ll seamlessly weave content and narrative through any type of corporate video you need including testimonials, explainers, promotions, press releases, recruiting or community outreach.