How to cope with bullying

One of the first and most popular anti-bullying videos, Gum in my Hair is back with a comprehensive update.

Gum in my Hair Version 2.0 includes new research, all new interviews and a new approach to tackling the age-old problem of bullying in schools.

Like the original, which is being used in thousands of schools across North America and Europe, Gum in my Hair 2.0 is energetic, entertaining, and – most importantly – effective.

Gum in my Hair 2.0 incorporates new research that emphasizes:

  • The role of the bystander in fueling or defusing a bullying incident;
  • Empathy, and how teaching it can prevent bullying in the hallways;
  • Why it’s important to focus on “bullying” rather than just the bully;
  • And the fact that having one or two friends or allies significantly reduces a child’s chances of being bullied.

Gum In My Hair Version 2.0 – How to cope with a bully is an engaging answer to the serious problem of bullying.   One of the most popular anti-bullying videos in the country, Gum in my Hair is the centerpiece of bullying awareness programs in thousands of elementary and middle schools across the country.

It offers young people concrete techniques that they can practice and use in response to ongoing bullying.

  • Improve your posture to convey self-confidence
  • Try a variety of verbal responses from humorous to honest
  • Discuss your situation with an adult
  • And more ..

Gum In My Hair v2.0 looks at what bullying is, its effects on people and how it makes them feel. Gum In My Hair is a new way to deal with an old topic, and will be invaluable to anyone wanting to help children learn in a safe and supportive environment.

Gum in my Hair v2.0 – How to cope with a bully is 20 minutes and comes complete with a comprehensive teacher/discussion guide.

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The Reviews


“I was so excited to see that you are updating the Gum in My Hair video!  I have used this video for about 10 years as part of anti-bullying workshops for elementary and middle school students. The students love the video’s upbeat vibe but also learn valuable lessons.  I have previewed many videos over the years but always return to this one because it lends to wonderful discussions and role plays without being overly dramatic and depressing.  I can not wait to see the updated version!” – Juliana Gallant, Los Angeles Anti-Bullying Facilitator


“Bullying is an all too common part of growing up. Some of us were hassled daily; others watched their friends get picked on, afraid to intervene. Sadly, our children are no more immune to bullying than were we. A new national survey found that 80 percent of U.S. children report being bullied at school.

This is exactly what Twisted scholar is hoping to prevent with Gum in my Hair – How to Cope with a Bully. A 20-minute video aimed at 8- to 14- year-olds, it is designed to teach kids how to both recognize bullies and evade their grasp.

Real testimonials from bullied kids make it easy for young viewers to relate. The video also offers five tangible techniques for avoiding the enemy, such as developing confident – and therefore deterring – body language.

If shared among teachers and parents, Gum in my Hair has the potential to save lives.” – Psychology Today, February 2003


“Gum in my Hair is outstanding!! Excellent for kids fast paced, exciting, and effective. It is a wonderful video for use with elementary- and junior high-age students. It offers strategies for both victims and bullies. –National Resource Center on Domestic Violence” – National Resource Center on Domestic Violence


“Gum in My Hair! features scenarios that teach students (ages 8-14) how to respond to the bullies in their classrooms and schoolyards. The 20-minute DVD comes with an excellent study and discussion guide with ideas for preparing students before, during and after viewing. It proposes ways to use the DVD across the curriculum and suggests questions to enrich discussion. Tips for parents are included, extending the possibility of using the resource on curriculum night.

This resource supports teachers in delivering a powerful message – bullies will not be tolerated, and a student is never alone if he or she is bullied. I recommend it.” – Professionally Speaking – The Magazine of Ontario School Teachers, 2011