Max's Money AdventureWith the world economy in upheaval – much of the trouble attributed to excess borrowing and financial ignorance – a basic understanding of money by our youngest citizens is essential for our future.

Developed in conjunction with Microsoft Money, Max’s Money Adventure tells the story of an overgrown kid who somehow missed the boat on all matters fiscally related. Through trial and considerable error, Max explores the world of money: where it comes from, why it holds value, how checking accounts, ATMs and credit cards work, and the differences between investing and saving your money.

With the help of co-stars Bill Nye the Science Guy (or in this case The Finance Guy) and Olympic skater Nancy Kerrigan, Max eventually navigates his way to a winning philosophy – spend some, save some, invest some.

A 20 minute program, Max’s Money Adventure is intended for kids age 6-10 and is available exclusively from Twisted Scholar. If you’d like to preview Max’s Money Adventure, please fill out our preview request form.